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I have faced a big disaster. My favorit pen broke up, it got jammed. My only pen I can write and draw. The only pen I feel the connection. I bought my pen about 7 yeras ago when I started highschool and it’s always been my favorit pen. I don’t know what I’m going to do now… Sniif. 😥


The End

The fairs are finaly over, showroom is in pieces at Björkan (our locals at school), everybody are totally dead and hopefully happy and satisfied. At least I am.

Updated photogallery. Find pics from consturction phase, the finally showroom and our products.

Tomorrow it’s time to go to school again and studie… Back to basics and the boring (?) everyday-life.

Construction pics

Showroom and our products

@ Stockholm Furniture Fair

Our showroom 14 hours before Fair opens. Almost ready, but still much to do.

I’ll be back with more pictures after tomorrow.

NEW NEW Photogallery

I made a photogallery for all my pictures!

Who I am?

First. Warning. I suck writing short stories.

I’m 22 years old designer student who lives and studies at Gotland University, Sweden, at the moment. I was born in Helsinki and lived there until 2009 when I moved to Visby. It’s my last year of the school and the whole wide world ahead. And now, if you want know a bit more, keep going.

My interests are music and sports. I live for music. Floorball is my “hobby”. That means that I use approximately 150% of my spear time playing floorball, without getting any paid. It’s nuts. I’m a goalkeeper, a proud one, so I maybe have some mental issues (as every goalie) and there are many other things that make no sense in my life…

For example, why I became a designer. I hated drawing all my short life. I thought about 19 years that my imagination sucks, I can’t write a good story and I totally suck with drawing. I thought that all my artistic skills had gone to music. I was (and am) good in music, one of the best in floorball. And then I started to study design against all odds and now I am almost ready with my 3 years degree on the branch where you need only imagination and drawing skills. Nuts?

All though, I also think that I have inherited the skills for handwork. My grandpa from my father’s side built houses all his life. My other grandpa grounded a small company that works with plastic sheets, makes all kind of things from artworks to shields. When I was maybe 4-5 years I said to mom and dad that when I grow old I want to be a carpenter. I had that thought with me quite long, then I lost it and now I think I have found my solution.

Maybe some of it is also a learned thing. I’ve grown up in home where you got to learn to notice and watch out the almost invisible furniture, tables, shelves and lamps. I also can make a difference with acryl and polycarbonate with one look, I know why some white plastics get yellow after ten years and so on. Kind of things you really do need in your average life… You could call it also for silence knowledge.

When my grandpa (form mothers side) died, my mom took over the firm and now I’m on my way to join the club and company. I have ever really known what I want to do when I grow old after the carpenter thing. I have just studied “all around” and used all my time and little more in sport arenas all around the Europe. And then the floorball brought me to Visby and some really, really weird part of me deep down knew that design-program is just right for me, despite all the things that I hated drawing and I sucked with it. I just didn’t know that I can if I want to. And now I can say that it’s quite okey when you can draw things you like and use the technics you are good at.

Soon I’m finished with the school, I’ll be a designer and some day when my life takes me back home, I know that I will join the club and lead our firm to the third generation. Until that, who knows. I do what feels to be the best and right choice.

I’m going to update mostly pictures of my works here. I thought this could be my portfolio without the portfolio-thing. I can tell long stories and have everything from sketches to final products and artworks. Everything from goalie stuff to nice photos… The main goal is to show what I have done.