Monthly Archives: February 2012

Nothing new under the sky…

Just reading, writing and saving plastic balls.

But I read a book. A really really good book I heartly recommend. Daniel H Pink’s A Whole New Mind – Moving from the Infomation Age to the Conceptual Age. Shortly it’s about how our society is going to chance when all the jobs are moving to Asia and how I can have my job in the future. How I can make my job to be needed there I am. Sounds boring but it’s amazingly interesting book and Pink writes very well. Took only 1,5 day to read it. When I started, I couldn’t stop. You should read it too!

The Leaf

My Leaf is at the moment in Visby in Langska huset witch is the home for Gotland Handicraft Society. There are 70 leaves from Gotland, and in the summer 2012 there are going to be a big exhibition in Liljewalch with 2000 leaves. Can you see the leaves on the trees? is the name of the exhibition.

The Gotland Handicraft Society has own websites and they have published some of the most popular leaves in their sites. And guess whos leaf is lucky number seven? Click click click

It’s not much, but it’s something! I’m going to visit and say good buy to my leaf tomorrow or day after tomorrow, when it’s last day of the exhibition here. Maybe I take my camera with me and take some photos…

Spider and the butterfly… Who wins the cruel game of the nature? Only your imagination can tell you, because I don’t know.

More pics here.

The End

The fairs are finaly over, showroom is in pieces at Björkan (our locals at school), everybody are totally dead and hopefully happy and satisfied. At least I am.

Updated photogallery. Find pics from consturction phase, the finally showroom and our products.

Tomorrow it’s time to go to school again and studie… Back to basics and the boring (?) everyday-life.

Construction pics

Showroom and our products


First day at the Fair is over and I’m very very happy. Our showroom was really good and we got lots of visitors and journalist from newspapers.

My Smafleisar-lamp was interviewed to Dagens Nyheter. Only that makes me satisfied and I feel that I have got my paycheck. Happyhappy!

@ Stockholm Furniture Fair

Our showroom 14 hours before Fair opens. Almost ready, but still much to do.

I’ll be back with more pictures after tomorrow.